The Waiting Game…

The last few weeks of pregnancy can be HARD, nope I am not going to sugarcoat it! You are most likely going to be tired, sore and very anxious to finally meet your beautiful baby! Whether this is your first baby, or your fifth the last 4-6 weeks can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining. I know this will be hard to hear if you are in the thick of it and nearing your due date, but you will not be pregnant forever. This season will pass BUT that does not mean that your feelings during these times are not valid. This post will hopefully help give you some ideas and insights into how to make the end of the third trimester more enjoyable!

The one thing I often hear from moms (and was guilty of myself) is that they want to do every exercise, walk 5 miles a day and do all the suggested “home remedies” to get labor started. While I do think there are plenty of benefits to staying active… the goal is ultimately to get you to slow down and rest! This is probably the hardest things for expecting moms to do. Trust the process, trust your body and give it the rest and love it needs to do what it is trying to do!

Another thing that is really special to remember to do during those last weeks is enjoy your spouse/partner! Life will be forever changed once your new addition arrives. Take time to enjoy date nights and really focus on enjoying those last days and weeks together. Even if this isn’t your first baby, the time spent focusing on each other is priceless. Maybe sit down together and create a date night “bucket list” of fun and unique things you want to go do together before the baby arrives. It also can help get the most important hormone for labor flowing- oxytocin!

If you are anything like me and just can’t take time to rest, try prepping for all of the little things you will need! From the hospital bag, to your postpartum bathroom kit (message me if you’d like my personal postpartum kit list!). Making these preparations will help you really think about life with your newborn, and that can be a great distraction! Focus your mind on all of the things you are looking forward to, and you will be surprised how the pains and discomforts start to take a mental “back seat”.

At the end of the day YES this is hard but oh so worth it. Let yourself feel the waves of different emotional highs and lows in those challenging last weeks. You are capable, strong and you will not be pregnant forever!

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